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      Google Nexus 6P

      Google Nexus 6P Parts

      Why knowing about Google Nexus 6P parts is important?

      With a sharp and high-resolution screen, an impressive camera, accurate fingerprint reader, and loudspeakers, Google Nexus 6P is indeed posing fierce competition to its competitors. The best thing about the stylish phone is its price. Considering the features that it is provided with, the smartphone is quite reasonably priced. Thus, naturally, people will be inclined towards it.

      Once you get an excellent phone, you wouldn't want to replace it only because a particular part gets damaged. This is why it is worth knowing about Google Nexus 6P Parts. You can then be assured that even if something gets damaged, you can look for Google Nexus 6P Replacement Parts instead of changing the whole thing.

      The striking Google Nexus 6P LCD Screen and its replacement at Parts4cells

      When we talk about Google Nexus 6P Parts, the first feature that comes to attention is the Google Nexus 6P LCD Screen.

      The model is quite large and heavy, despite being narrower and thinner than its predecessors. It features a 5.7-inch display with Quad HD resolution. The touchscreen is provided with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 with dense 518 pixels per inch. Thus, it appears bright and colorful. It is quite responsive, as well.

      Specifications of Google Nexus 6P LCD Screen

      · 5.7-inch display
      · Quad HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440
      · Responsive

      The whole user-experience depends on the LCD screen. Therefore, if this one among the various Goggle Nexus 6P parts gets damaged, the phone will not be of much use. You can get Google Nexus 6P LCD Screen Replacement at Parts4cells with following features;

      · High-Quality
      · Durability
      · Brand New
      · Authenticity

      The aesthetic Google Nexus 6P Back Door

      One of the best things about Google Nexus 6Pis its beautiful design. The all-metal unibody made from aluminum and the round edges gives it quite a striking look. It features a fingerprint reader apart from the camera on the back. Google Nexus 6P Back Door indeed enhances the value of the smartphone.

      Since much of the beauty of the phone lies in its backdoor, you wouldn't want it to lose its appearance. If something goes amiss, you can take a look at the Google Nexus 6P replacement parts to rectify the damage.

      Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.0 x 0.29 inches

      If a problem is encountered with Google Nexus 6P Home Button

      The thing that you need to keep in mind is that all the Google Nexus 6P parts come together to provide you with refined user experience. Therefore, if even a single one of them incurs damage, the phone's functionality will be compromised.

      Therefore, if the Google Nexus 6P Home Button gets broken or loses its responsiveness, you can trust Parts4cells to provide you with high-quality replacement. The Google Nexus 6P Home Button provided will be;

      · Compatible with the phone and will align perfectly with the design
      · Brand new
      · Durable

      Google Nexus 6P Front Camera and Google Nexus 6P Back Camera- everything you need to know

      Cameras are among the most pivotal aspect of smartphones, and this one is no different. You would undoubtedly want to ensure that your mobile camera is capable of taking the best quality pictures. The cameras of Google Nexus 6P parts do not disappoint in this regard.

      You can take a profound quality of indoor pictures with more light and clarity. The quality of selfies is just as good. You can even create makeshift gifs with your phone.

      Specifications of Google Nexus 6P Back camera

      · 12.3-megapixel
      · Ultra HD 4K video
      · 240 fps
      · Slow-motion video

      Specifications of Google Nexus 6P front camera

      · 8-megapixel
      · A wide f/2.4 aperture

      How will you take beautiful selfies if the front camera does not work? Google Nexus 6P Front Camera Replacement from Parts4cells eradicates this worry. The camera available is

      · Profound in quality
      · Capable of producing crisp and clear images
      · Brand new
      · Durable

      Google Nexus 6P Battery and Google Nexus 6P Charging Port- details, and replacement

      Battery life is critical for every phone. Therefore, the topic of Google Nexus 6P parts cannot be complete if we do not talk about the Google Nexus 6P battery.

      The big and bulky phone is powered by a non-removable 3450 mAh battery. The capacity is sufficient to last for a whole day with heavy use. When the battery dies, you can charge it via the USB-C charger in no time.

      Missing the Google Nexus 6P charging port is not possible. The reversible USB-C port features at the bottom of the model.

      Specifications of Google Nexus 6P battery

      · Non-removable
      · Lithium-ionized
      · 3450mAh

      In case the battery starts draining faster, or you are unable to connect it to charging, you can look for Google Nexus 6P battery replacement. You can also replace its charging port if the need arises. Google Nexus 6P Charging Port Flex Cable is available as well.

      The high-quality Google Nexus 6P Earpiece

      The audio quality of Google Nexus 6P leaves little to desire. The sound is clear, and you will be impressed with its overall results. However, if a problem arises, you can trust Parts4cells to provide you with a replacement for the Google Nexus 6P earpiece.

      Get replacement of all Google Nexus 6P parts at Parts4cells

      When it comes to Google Nexus 6P parts, you need to ensure that the replacements are of profound quality. You will find all the necessary components at Parts4cells. Their quality and authenticity will leave you impressed.

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