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      iPhone 12

      iPhone 12 Parts & Accessories

      The iPhone 12 series introduced by Apple is their mainstream flagship phone series for the year 2020. Four different models are offered in this series, the smallest being iPhone 12 mini which features a 5.4-inch LCD screen and the largest being iPhone 12 pro max which features a 6.7 inches LCD screen. Both of these devices are packed with identical features such as support for 5g networks, OLED displays, A14 bionic chips and improved cameras. Since it is a new device, the iPhone 12 parts are advanced and hence needed to be bought from an authentic seller.

      Apple is very considerate in this matter and any iPhone 12 replacement parts that are not exactly the same as the original may not work properly with the phone. Other than that, there are a number of different accessories for iPhone 12 that can be bought to take the user experience to the next level.

      iPhone 12 LCD Replacement

      The iPhone 12 is a really expensive smartphone and if you damage it by accident, the whole experience of the phone would change. For example, if it goes through a minor fall, the iPhone 12 LCD may be cracked or may go black and won’t display anything. In such a case, you would be required to get a replacement for the LCD screen. If any other component other than the LCD is also damaged, you may also have to buy the relevant iPhone 12 parts for its repair. When you decide to buy a replacement for the LCD, you may find a lot of replica and counterfeit screens on the market. Even though they might seem exactly like the original one and may initially work just fine, they may result in various issues later down the road. These issues include various other apple iPhone parts such as the battery. With Parts4cells by your side, you don’t need to worry about such issues as the iPhone 12 LCD with touch that we provide is fully compatible with the iPhone 12 and you won’t face any issue with it.

      iPhone 12 Screen Protection

      When buying such an expensive phone like the iPhone 12, you must also be very careful while using it as any damage to it may also require you to again spend a large sum of money to buy iPhone 12 parts for its replacement. The screen is the main component of a phone and is also more open to being damaged even in slight incidents such as slipping from your hands or pocket and falling on the floor from a short height. To prevent this from happening and to protect your screen, the use of an iPhone 12 screen protector is mandatory. Other than an iPhone 12 screen protector, you can also opt for other iPhone 12 parts and accessories that may help in the protection of your phone. These accessories include an iPhone 12 phone case which can either be a silicon case or a hard case. Parts4cells offers different types of screen protectors that include simple tempered glass protectors, privacy tempered glass protectors and 10D tempered glass protectors. All of the iPhone 12 screen protectors offered by us are of premium quality and will surely protect the LCD of your iPhone from getting any sort of damage in a fall.

      iPhone 12 Accessories for Charging

      The iPhone 12 comes packed with a battery having a capacity of 2815 mAh which is approximately 10 percent smaller than the battery of its predecessor – iPhone 11. Even though Apple promises the same battery life as the iPhone 11 but it’s actually not the same. Hence, you might have to charge your phone more often. In order to tackle this problem, chargers can be purchased separately. When you go in the market to purchase a charger or even when you search online for a charger, you may find many different replica and clone chargers of cheap quality. Some of them may be of other brands while some may be a cheap version of the original iPhone 12 type c adapter. Not only will these replicas charge your phone slowly, but they are also likely to give damage to your phone’s battery. Parts4cell offers top quality iPhone 12 parts and apple iPhone accessories which also include top quality adapters and lightning cables. If you have an original or a premium quality lightning cable, you can choose from a variety of 20W and 18W adapters that will help charge your phone in minimal time. Other than that, if you travel a lot and, in this process, you have damaged your lightning cable by stuffing it inside the bag with other products, you can also get premium quality lightning cables at Parts4cells. However, if you are not a big fan of using wired iPhone 12 accessories to charge your phone, you can always opt for an iPhone 12 case with MagSafe. Fortunately, we at Parts4cells offer a premium quality iPhone 12 series type c MagSafe wireless charger that will allow you to charge your phone wirelessly without any hassle.

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