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      iPhone 8

      iPhone 8 Parts

      The Apple iPhone 8, its release and features

      The iPhone 8 was a groundbreaking release by Apple which occurred in 2017. It is a glory worthy phone with a beautiful glassy body which allows for it to be charged wirelessly. The device has a 4.7 inch display which is pretty normal for an iPhone and is a handy size. At its release it was a revolutionary device as it was the most innovative model of iPhone now with exciting new features such as upgraded iPhone 8 camera as well as a better iPhone 8 screen too with the most durable glass ever introduced surrounded by an aluminum and steel structure that is robust to say the least. These iPhone 8 parts and specifications mentioned above make it a significant release for the Apple company. This device was a big step ahead for the much acclaimed company and many said that the device changed their technological perspectives ad improved everything they thought and knew initially. The esteemed iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus seem to be a mixture of its predecessors as well as the Apple iPhone X which is an interesting feat. Apart from the glass bodies the overall design is the same as its predecessors as it also includes the touch ID home button along with bezels at the bottom as well as top area of the iPhone 8 display. This smartphone is available in three exciting colors; space gray, gold and silver which is a good variety. The iPhone 8 speakers are upgraded as well as it features a deeper bass with 25% louder audio ability.

      The iPhone 8 parts and their replacement at Parts4Cells

      The Apple iPhone 8 at its release was a pricey phone due to its highly innovative nature and people were lining up left and right to get their hands on the mesmerising device no matter what it took. It has some very attention worthy features and amazing parts on it which is why it can be infuriating to say the least if any of its beautiful parts gets damaged. We all know that with great phones comes great usage and with great usage there can be many accidents. Phones are a type of device that we use all the time in our day to day routine and we humans are clumsy species tending to cause accidents in the haste nature of our life routines. This means your iPhone 8 although a magnificent device, is not immortal and is inevitable to the harsh treatments of the human nature. It may fall by accident in the hum drum of life or even be used too violently causing damage to the iPhone 8 parts. This can lead to much frustration and agitation as our smartphones carry with them our entire daily schedules and activities for most of us and a halt in our daily life is not acceptable, especially when it comes to a phone with such great specifications you don’t want to lose it even for a second. This is where replacement parts come in that we provide to our trust customers at Parts4Cells. In such instances there is no reason to fret as there is a wide range of good quality robust parts here that can get you the iPhone 8 repair that you need. Whether it is the iPhone 8 camera that you need to replace, the iPhone 8 headphones or the iPhone 8 headphone jack that you need to repair, an iPhone 8 screen repair or even the battery replacement, we have got every part imaginable for you to choose from at your convenience. Our parts are extremely reliable just like our customer service and the unique feature regarding the parts we provide is that we offer superb warranty deals with all of them which is a must have for various reasons, the main being the unexpected nature of our life can lead to damage of our phones. If one were to replace their iPhone 8 damaged part with a new part from our line, it would make their phone good as new just like it was the day they brought it home. Mentioned below are some of the great quality iPhone 8 parts we offer for your Apple iPhone 8 on our website that will more than fulfil your repair needs.

      The iPhone 8 camera part for replacement or repair

      The iPhone 8 features a new and improved camera with much upgraded specifications such as better sensors with the wide angled camera, an upgraded signal processor, sharper and deeper pixel texture, better color saturation and a more dynamic range of beautiful colors. These features make the camera on this device something you really don’t want to miss on even for a second. For some people, the camera is a very vital part of their daily life, be it the need to take nice photos for your projects or the need to communicate via the amazing camera, these functions if come to a halt can cause a lot of nuisance for a person. We have everything regarding an iPhone 8 camera repair that one could need. There is the back camera lens + bezel in three colors; black, white and gold to meet your specific repair needs and other than this there is also just the back camera lens in case you do not require the bezel. We also have the front camera best quality part. Such is the dependable nature of our iPhone 8 parts.

      The iPhone 8 screen repair

      Apple has added True Tone display technology to the Apple iPhone 8 and its 4.7-inch retina HD display. This allows the device to assess the lighting around it and calibrates the screen brightness to give you the best display possible according to your surrounding environment. This leads to better contrast and colours which plays an important role in the aesthetic to the entire phone. The screen is like the second key to the functioning of a phone as touch devices perform all their functions according to screen touch demands, other than that of your screen were to get damaged it would ruin the entire sleek design and aesthetic looks of the phone which would make it displeasing to look at along with difficult to operate. We have a large variety of screen parts for you to choose from that will completely fix that broken screen in case you smash your display. We have the iTruColor iPhone 8 LCD with touch and black plate in two colours; white and black. There’s also the iPhone 8 LCD with touch premium aftermarket in white and black as well as the iPhone 8 LCD with touch standard aftermarket in white and black. Other than this we also have the iPhone 8 LCD with touch best quality in black and white along with the iPhone 8 LCD with touch TIANMA+ fully assembled in the two colours black and white. The variety of our products is such that there is also the tempered glass screen for the iPhone 8 in two forms, either in retail packaging or even in the form of a 10 pack bulk which is convenient as you would have back-ups at all times. Tempered glass allows you privacy on your screen in a public environment which is a much desirable feature.

      The iPhone 8 headphones and the iPhone 8 headphone jack repair

      We have a varying array of iPhone 8 parts that also includes the headphones. Headphones are a much vital part for many users as most of the people like to enjoy good quality audio music on their phones. Not just this but they are also important in case you want to video communicate with someone while you are in public as they allow you to enjoy talking on video call with privacy regarding your audio. Good quality headphones are significant as the pleasure of good quality music is unlike any others and can help you get through some tiring times. We have headphones as well as a headphone jack replacement part of great and sturdy quality as we know all too well how susceptible the apple headphones are to damage because of their vigorous use and storage. You can find headphones for your Apple iPhone 8 at our website and order them in case yours aren’t functioning as they should.

      The IPhone 8 speakers repair

      Sometimes such incidences can occur that lead to the speaker damage on your phone such as water contamination or mechanical trauma. This can be irritating as nothing bugs a person much like a distorted audio experience that is unpleasant to say the least. We have an earpiece as well as a loud speaker replacement for your iPhone 8 repair.

      Other repair and replacement items for the Apple iPhone 8 here

      There is much versatility at Parts4Cells and the above mentioned parts are just the tip of the iceberg as we have many other replacement parts that you might need ranging from the tiniest screws to even the USB cables. We have 0 cycle batteries, charging port flex in different colors, the iPhone 8 camera, iPhone 8 speakers, iPhone 8 headphones home flex in different colors, the volume flex, Wi-Fi antenna, sim trays in different colors, a set of small iPhone 8 parts, power button connector, the wireless charger connector and more as described above. Our products are not just good quality products you can depend on but they also come with great warranty which makes us the right place for you.

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