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      LG G5

      LG G5 Parts

      -The distinguished LG G series and all about them

      The multinational South Korean company LG has time and time again dealt with various fields but the one that it is known most for is electronics. LG is a brilliant and extremely popular brand in the industry of electronics and technology. Some of the most formidable pieces of electronics have been produced by LG including some amazing smartphones. One of its well acclaimed smartphone series is the LG G series. The G series by LG is a classic amalgam of nothing but innovative intuition, great style and optimum performance. Jam packed with impeccably marvelous and trendy features; this is a series you can just never get enough of owing to the admirable specifications of its devices. Starting from the beginning, the first release of the G series was the LG Optimus G that came out in 2012 after which came the LG G2 in 2013 and as time went on the famous LG G3, LG G4, LG G5, LG G6 as well as the LG G7 were released. These devices created quite the buzz upon their releases and have manages to gather an impressive fanbase.

      -The LG G5 parts and an overview on them

      The LG G series as mentioned above is a highly impressive line of smartphones which seems to always be up to date with the latest technological trends. Each successive device seems to boast better and more upgraded features than its predecessor whether its in terms of functionality or design. These devices have brought joy and ease to many of their users and the LG G5 is one of them. Speculated to be a pretty solid flagship smartphone, the LG G5 is definitely worth out attention. One of its features that has for sure wooed away the critics is its ‘magic slot’ that is basically a slot where you can access the battery or insert it with a cartridge. This way you don’t have to remove the back cover in order to access the G5 battery. This intriguing slot is places at the bottom of the phone and it also acts as an accessory port. Coming to the LG G5 camera, the G5 has a dual camera on the back. One of these two lenses provides it with the ability to capture stunning photos in an extra wide angle. One of the cameras is 16MP while the wide-angled camera is a whopping 8MP. The G5 astonishingly allows you to use both cameras separately as per your need compared to other devices that combine both cameras to be used as one. Using the application, you can choose which camera to use according to your preferences. Moreover, it has a 5.3-inch display that never goes to sleep as it portrays the time, notification and date icons at all times even when locked. It is intuitive features like these that draw the LG fanbase more and more into the G series’ allure.

      -The LG G5 parts for replacement at Parts4Cells

      Now we have discussed in quite detail about why the G5 is a worthy device and what makes it so great. Lets discuss why we need to be more careful about our phone parts and why they require trusty replacement options. The fact of the matter is that us humans are clumsy or careless by nature. It is against human nature to live a perfect life without any mistakes and our belongings including our smartphones fall victims to our clumsy nature more often than not. We rely on and thrive on our smartphones and smart devices as we look towards them to provide our life with some much needed structure and organization. Whether we wish to communicate with other people for leisure or even if its for a critical work call, our smartphone is our instant go-to. It is intriguing how our lives revolve around and depend upon so heavily on these gadgets but it doesn’t change the fact that they make our lives easier and better in more ways than one. This is why it is imperative that we try and keep them safe. Unfortunately, no matter how great out devices are, they are not indestructible or immune to damaging forces in case of a fall or any other mechanical trauma. Sometimes in such situations we lose all access to our phone and it becomes impossible to retrieve but more often what happens is that such accidents end up damaging a specific part or parts of our beloved device. In such cases it is easy to gain back access to our device but for that we must have a reliable replacement for the damaged parts ready to serve. This is where we come in as we at Parts4Cells vow to ensure the provision of replacement parts that are of supreme quality for your precious devices. We have even got a wide array of LG G5 replacement parts ready for you to choose from Whether you need an LG G5 replacement battery, an LG G5 screen replacement, an LG G5 camera, an LG G5 speaker or even an LG G5 charging port. We have got it all and so much more for you to replace those broken LG G5 parts with. So if you are someone who has accidentally caused harm or damage to any of their device parts whether it’s the LG G5 or any other device, know that this is the place to be as it doesn’t get better than our premium quality replacement parts. To top it all off our parts come with amazing warrant deals and at astoundingly low prices just for the satisfaction and happiness of our beloved customers. It doesn’t get better than that folks!

      -The LG G5 replacement battery options at Parts4Cells

      The LG G5 is one of the very few phones that offer a removable battery in this time and age. As phones have evolved and their style has become more up to date, removable batteries are highly rare. The LG G5 comes equipped with an adequate 2800mAh battery pack. Unfortunately, this battery capacity is less than the capacity of its predecessor the G4 that offered a much larger 3000mAh battery power. This drop has disappointed a lot of people but the fact is that it’s not too bad. The battery still goes on for an adequate amount of time giving you enough usage capabilities. Now when we buy our phone and its brand new, its battery is obviously also brand new and it works on its full capacity but as time passes by and we become careless without phone and adopt clumsy charging practices, the battery loses its initial and original healthy spark. In such a situation there is nothing else left to do but to change your old faulty battery and replace it with a new one. Our LG G5 replacement battery options are stellar for you if you are finding yourself in such a tricky situation. The “LG G5 Battery” is an aftermarket high quality item that comes with a 3-month warranty making it all the more amazing for you. Put this in your G5 and we guarantee the battery will function just like it did when your phone was in brand new mint condition.

      -The LG G5 screen replacement options at Parts4Cells

      Among all the LG G5 parts, its screen has taken up much of the spotlight. This is because the 5.3 inch display boasts QHD resolution which gives off some amazing visuals incorporating strong colors and just the right amount of brightness. The display has a unique characteristic that is the fact that it never truly goes off. Even when its locked it will always keep displaying the time, date and notification icons. This includes all your notifications and not just a few of them. With useful specifications such as these ones, you would obviously want to enjoy the G5 screen to the maximum. Unfortunately, when your smartphone or any other smart device falls or experiences any other mechanical trauma, its screen is the most vulnerable part and gets damaged easily because the screen takes up a lot of area on the device and is placed directly on its surface. This is why it is vital for you to have a good LG G5 screen replacement option so that if you find yourself in such a tricky situation, you have a good backup to rely upon. Our screen replacement will fix up your broken LG G5 screen in no time and it will be like nothing ever happened to it. The “LG G5 LCD with Touch + Frame Black” and the “LG G5 LCD with touch Black” are such options that are brand new high quality items equipped with life time warranty.

      -Other LG G5 replacement parts at Parts4Cells

      The variety here is impressive to say the least. Our products are the epitome of sturdiness and robustness and to top it all off they come at mind blowing low prices and superb warranty deals. Some of our LG G5 parts are the LG G5 replacement battery, the LG G5 screen replacement, the LG G5 speaker replacement, the LG G5 charging port replacement, the LG G5 camera lens replacement, the LG G5 proximity sensor, the home button replacement in different colors, the LG G5 ear piece and so much more.

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