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      LG G7

      LG G7 Parts

      -The LG G series

      LG is a South Korean multinational company that deals mainly with electronics. It is an astoundingly popular brand among the electronic field and has stunned many with its extremely superb technological innovations. Among its supremely famous electronic devices is the LG G series that is speculated to be a series of smartphones that not only display impeccable intuition but also an elegant style and great performance. This is a series of smartphones that you will always keep admiring and somehow will never want to stop using owing to the innovative and cool features each successive smartphone of the series is jam packed with. If we go back to the beginning, we had the infamous release of the LG Optimus G back in 2012 followed by the LG G2 in 2013 and over the successive years after the release of G3, G4, G5 and G6 we have finally arrived to the amazing LG G7. Safe to say the G series did create quite the buzz in their times as they were definitely a one of a kind series around that technological era.

      -All about the brilliant LG G7 parts

      As talked above, the G series consists of a line of successive smartphones each more innovative and grander than its predecessor. Whether it’s in terms of physical features or technological functions, the upgrades in each successive device are quite prominent and seem to make various people all over extremely happy. Among this the LG G7 is quite the talk of the town as it is the second latest of the G series and has blown millions away with its alluring specifications and features. The G7 ThinQ is the type of smartphone that was meant to be an intelligent device to provide the utmost ease to its user with its acclaimed characteristics. Among the LG G7 parts, a large beautiful 6.1-inch display which is a reasonable upgrade compared to the LG G6. One of its most definitive features is the boombox speaker and the AI LG G7 camera that makes it a stunning device fit for parties to entertain people with loud and clear music or even to take wide angled pictures that you can keep with yourself as great memories. With the separate AI dedicated button on the side of the device, LG sure is opening the doors to a more superior technological innovation as it wishes for its users to have the AI option to use whenever they wish.

      -LG G7 replacement parts at Parts4Cells

      The G7 while no doubt is a device worth great attention and also a commendable addition to the G series, it is also an expensive buy. With the technological advances that have ensued over the past few years we know well and good that all of mankind thrives on smartphones and smart devices. Us humans completely rely on such gadgets to provide us with the ease and convenience throughout our day. Whether it’s a way of communicating with important people in our lives or just a device to organize our daily routines for us, our smartphones mean a great deal to us and any damage to them that could lead to obstacles in their proper usage is definitely a devastating and inconvenient situation for us all. Unfortunately, we are a clumsy species and our prized possessions get to suffer the consequences. No matter how brilliant your smartphone is, it can never be invincible and so a fall or any traumatic incident can lead to its damage at any time. Such situations are the worst and will leave you high and dry in a frantic need for a good fix. The LG G7 no doubt is an amazing device but any mishap or misuse could cause it to endure trauma and hence damage can occur to any of its parts. Whether it’s the LG G7 camera or even a minute item such as the LG G7 charging port, any of its parts could get broken and need urgent replacement. This is where we come in. If you are somebody who is experiencing such an incident and is in desperate need for replacement parts for any of your devices, Parts4Cells has got you covered. We have got a large variety of replacement parts for your devices that are completely reliable and extremely robust. This includes the LG G7 parts as we have got a varying array of those here. Whether it’s an LG G7 battery replacement you’re looking for or even a new LG G7 screen protector to replace the old, destroyed version, this is the perfect place to be. We take immense pride in our flawless customer service and superb quality replacement parts that are super economical and come with magnificent warranty deals.

      -The LG G7 Camera replacement at Parts4Cells

      A fascinating device like the G7 will most definitely have the camera to show for it. This device incorporates a 16MP dual lens back camera with an ultra-wide field of vision which allows for wide angled pictures to be taken. An 8MP front camera is an upgrade compared to its predecessors and allows for some great selfie taking activities. Coming to the most brilliant innovation in the camera of the G7, it is equipped with AI technology option for the camera adding further ease and great skill into the usage of the camera feature. Furthermore, the super bright feature adds much more brightness to the camera allowing for great photography even in the dark. Now with a camera this great that has so many commendable specifications, you will definitely want to get the best out of it and would want to use it to the maximum of its abilities. Unfortunately, the positioning of the camera on our smartphones is such that they can easily suffer trauma and get damaged in the case of a fall or such mishaps. If something like this has happened to your LG G7 camera, no need to fret as we have got the best options available for you here that will resolve this issue of yours in no time. There is the “LG G7 Front Camera” which is a brand new high quality replacement part equipped with lifetime warranty as well as the “LG G7 Back Camera” which is also a brand new high quality item that comes with lifetime warranty. These LG G7 parts are extremely sturdy and their great quality makes them the most reliable items for anyone.

      -The LG G7 battery replacement at Parts4Cells

      The LG G7 houses a 3000mAh battery that is pretty much adequate compared to its other specifications. After it was tested, it was proven to give a good all-day battery life and it is equipped with wireless charging capabilities as well. Now it is a widely known fact that a healthy and good battery life is imperative to proper functioning of any device whether its your G7 or even any other device. This can be a tricky situation as initially when you get your phone brand new, it gives you a great battery life on it that goes on for a long time and you face no problems but after some time due to excessive usage of your device, your battery life can lose its original capacity. This is where you’ll need to replace your old dysfunctional battery with a fresh new one that would work just like your battery used to when it was brand new. We have got excellent LG G7 battery replacement options here that would be fit to replace your old battery swiftly. The “LG G7 Battery” is an aftermarket high quality item that comes with a trusty 3-month warranty option which makes it even more reliable. So, replace your faulty old battery with this sturdy new one to get that new battery spark back into your phone.

      -The LG G7 charging port replacement at Parts4Cells

      No doubt a battery change is necessary once your battery starts losing its original health but the charging port is also an extremely vital part. This is because the charging port allows your battery to be charged and without it your phone would stop working every time the battery died and you would not be able to revive it by charging. Now the charging port no matter how small it is among the LG G7 parts, is still susceptible to damage. Whether its mechanical trauma in case of a fall or some accumulation of substances in the air such as dust, our charging port can stop working due to these mishaps. Not being able to charge your phone is an extremely frustrating situation and this is why we have a quick fix to this problem as well. Among our various LG G7 replacement parts we have also got the LG G7 charging port replacement, the “LG G7 ThinQ Charging Port Flex” is a perfect option in such cases. This is a brand new high quality item that comes with a reliable lifetime warranty.

      -Other versatile LG G7 parts for replacement at Parts4Cells

      We have a great diversity among on replacement parts which includes various other options other than the ones mentioned above. Our replacement parts are of the highest quality and come not just at great prices but with great warranty deals. Some of our G7 replacement parts are the LG G7 camera replacement, the LG G7 charging port replacement, the LG G7 battery, the LG G7 screen protector replacement, the LG G7 LCD replacement, the LG G7 back door replacement in various colors and much more.

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