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      LG G8

      LG G8

      -The popular LG G8 and its features

      Popularly known as a great phone if you are someone who prioritizes functionality speed and battery life in a device as those are the two main highlights of the LG G8. With eventful features such as a bright and vibrant display, a super-fast processor and camera specifications like the wide-angle back camera. Some of the features of the LG G8 parts which are innovative to say the least include mid-air gestures to control various functions such as the volume, video portrait mode, superb vibration sound conduction and hand ID to access and unlock your LG G8. The Hand ID unlock technique is pretty intriguing as it allows the phone to read the blood in your palm’s veins to unlock your LG G8. The real intuition behind the LG minds is seen by the amazing hole-less speaker that permits a uniform sound vibration conduction through the screen. Overall it has got some pretty impressive features and works more than adequately as a phone for our youngsters.

      -LG G8 Parts for replacement at Parts4Cells

      LG is the first company to give life to the ‘video portrait mode’ idea which speaks volumes about its techno-savvy LG G8 camera. A commendable device to say the least, the G8 has definitely got some heads turning right and left with its impressive specifications. A hefty 3500 mAh LG G8 battery performs pretty well. Upon testing it was seen to last the entire day on full battery and if you were to use the internet connection, the time it takes the battery to drop to 0% from a 100% is a little over nine hours. These are just some of the features that give it it’s entire allure and charisma. A device such as this one is obviously going to be put to good and vigorous usage. This is because with this always evolving world of modern upgrading in every aspect including technology, the common man relies on his smart devices a lot to get him through the day smoothly and in an organized manner. This is because our smartphones and devices contain some pretty useful features and hence allows us to add much convenience and ease into our lives by the usage of these features. This results in an over-usage of these devices and no matter how well they perform, they are not immune to damage that the harsh conditions of the casual and clumsy human usage can cause them. The LG G8 parts may also suffer at the hands of such unfortunate accidents and they may become broken or faulty due to damage. This is a taxing situation and will leave you high and dry in search of some good quality replacement parts for your LG G8. We all know it can be a frustrating job to look for a trusty outlet on which you can rely upon to provide you with good quality dependable replacement parts for your broken devices. This is where we come in. If you have harmed your LG G8 in any way we will provide you with all appropriate replacement parts necessary. Whether its an LG G8 screen protector you need replaced, an LG G8 camera replacement you require, a new G8 battery you need, an LG G8 LCD replacement you want or even if its something as small as an LG G8 sim tray replacement you need. We have got it all and much more. No matter how big or small the part is, we have it here for you at an amazing price and with superb warranty deals. So if you’re ever in such a ruckus and feel hopeless, remember that you can completely rely on us to fix this problem of yours in no time with our sturdy and robust replacement parts. Our replacement parts are the perfect option for anyone in such a situation and the cherry on top is that they come with the best warranty deals which is a clear representation of our reliability. Some of the parts available here are mentioned and explained below.

      -LG G8 camera replacement at Parts4Cells

      The G8 camera is most definitely an upgrade over its predecessors. The back camera consists of an adequate 12MP basic lens as well as a 16MP camera lens while the front camera has a 8MP lens sensor. The rear camera has an impressive 107-degree field view which makes it a wide angled one while the front camera has a sufficient 80 degree field of view. These camera features can be summed up as more than adequate as they give rise to some pretty beautiful pictures. Now the camera can be a pretty important part of the device for many people as it is the feature that allows you to dabble in some photography and hone your photography skills. If you ever drop your phone or it suffers an injury due to some mechanical trauma, the camera might get damaged as it is placed pretty openly on the phone on its surface. This can be an annoying instance because without a properly functioning camera you might not even be able to communicate with your contacts via video calls. No need to stress in such times as we have got the perfect solution for you. Among our various LG G8 parts we have also got the “LG G8 Front Camera” which is a brand new high quality item that comes equipped with life time warranty. Other than this we have also got the “LG G8 Back Camera” options that are also brand new high quality items with a whopping lifetime warranty. Other than that the “LG G8 Back Camera Lens” options are also available in various appropriate colors as per your requirement.

      -LG G8 Screen protector replacement at Parts4Cells

      The LG G8 houses a 6.1-inch OLED display equipped with a notch. The LG G8 LCD gives off some pretty impressive visuals and its brightness is unparalleled which is an extremely useful feature. The screen of any device is not only the part that defines its entire aesthetic but it is also the part that allows you to fully access your device with complete ease and convenience. If you have a faulty or broken screen it is almost impossible for your device to function well and even more impossible for you to gain access to your device. Unfortunately, the placement and positioning of the screen on your device is such that it is present all over its anterior surface and thus makes up for most of the surface area of the device. Now in the case of a fall or an accident, your screen is the most vulnerable part to endure damage or breakage and this is why it is imperative to use an LG G8 screen protector to try to limit this damage to the least possible magnitude. We have got the perfect options for you here in this regard as we have got screen protector replacements as well as LCD replacements for your LG G8 from which you can choose as per your requirement. Some of the options are the “G8 LCD With Touch+ Frame” in various colors as per your desire, the “G8 LCD With Touch” in various colors and the “LG G8 tempered glass screen protector” in a bulk pack. These replacement parts are available at supremely economical prices and with reliable warranty offers.

      -The LG G8 sim tray and LG G8 battery replacement options here

      The sim tray is an extremely vital part of your device, this is because this is the part that allows your phone to establish a connection with the sim and makes for proper placement of the sim inside the device. Usually dust and other pollutive particles may embed inside the sim tray and cause it to become faulty or the sim tray may even break in the event of an accident. We have got the replacement parts to resolve even this problem for you in no time. The “LG G8 Sim Tray” is an option that is available in different colors as per your requirement and is a high quality brand new part equipped with a life time warranty deal.

      When we get our phone, initially the battery performs really well. With time though, the battery of your device wears out and may lose its initial power. This is an inevitable phenomenon and can be a seriously agitating situation as it is imperative to have a healthy and well functioning battery in order to get the most out of your phone. This faulty battery issue can be eliminated in no time using our battery replacement options here that are economical and come with warranty deals.

      -Parts4Cells the various LG G8 Parts for replacement here

      Here you will encounter a varying array of replacement parts for your LG G8 as we have got every possible option for you. Our replacement parts are extremely economical and come with the best warranty deals which not many other outlets can guarantee. Some of our replacement parts for the LG G8 include the LG G8 screen protector, the LG G8 camera replacement, the LG G8 battery replacement, the sim tray replacement for your LG G8, the LG G8 LCD replacement, the LG G8 charging port, the LG G8 glass replacement and even much more. This is just a summary of the impressive variety of sturdy and reliable A30 parts here that come with authentic warranty deals for you.

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