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      LG Velvet

      LG Velvet Parts

      The LG velvet is quite sophisticated, not to mention an expensive phone. Damage to any part can severely impair the user experience. But we ensure that our customers don't have to stress about it due to the high-quality LG velvet parts we offer.

      We are well aware that the functionality of the phone depends on the parts. This is why we make sure that our customers have access to high-quality LG velvet replacement parts. Therefore, you can be assured that you will continue to make the best use out of your phone for a long time. Here are some examples.

      LG velvet LCD, Case, and more

      LG velvet features a 6.8-inches P-OLED screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2460 pixels. This is more than enough to provide you with a good video viewing experience. We offer our customers the LG velvet LCD with the same specifications. Hence, you can continue enjoying the videos.

      The beauty of the LG Velvet back glass contributes significantly to its appeal. The glass back, along with the aluminum frame, gives the model its suave touch. We offer LG velvet back glass with the same high-quality premium finish.

      You won't even feel the difference when you hold the phone in your hands. The LG velvet 5G case will have the same weight, frame, and quality as the original one.

      LG velvet Front Camera for great selfies

      The LG velvet front camera boasts an HDR feature with 16 megapixels and video of 1080p@30fps. Damage to this camera can prevent you from taking excellent selfies. That's where our LG velvet replacement parts can help you out.

      The LG velvet parts we offer will ensure that you can continue taking high-quality photos without fail.

      LG Velvet SIM tray

      It isn't just the main LG Velvet parts that we offer. The functionality of the phone can also be affected due to the SIM tray, power buttons, or similar other issues.

      We have that covered too. Our collection of LG velvet replacement parts has all the nits and grits of the model covered. From LG velvet SIM tray to buttons, we have it all.

      Make the best use of your phone

      We have ensured that our customers don't have to replace the whole thing due to one part being damaged. You can save a ton of money by merely replacing whatever isn't working. This is where we step in.

      Every replacement part we offer has the same features, quality, and feel as the original. You wouldn't even feel the difference. The LG velvet cover we offer has the same design and finish. This ensures that you won't feel as though you have compromised on the phone experience.

      These spare parts are designed to ensure that you don't have to discard your phone only because the SIM tray isn't working. Or your phone isn't spoiled because the cover has a scratch.

      You have an alternative in the form of our LG Velvet parts. Don't fret about it, and get whatever you need to get the best user experience!

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