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      S10 Lite

      Samsung S10 Lite Parts

      Samsung continues to rule as one of the superior Andriod phone companies by launching phones with an exceptional camera, battery life, processor and of course a sleek, modern design. The Samsung S10 Lite has specs that are combined from both mid-range and flagship series from last year.

      The Samsung S10 Lite is fueled by a Snapdragon 855 SoC. Moreover, the s10 lite sim tray features a SIM plate that can either take two Nano-SIM cards or a single SIM and a microSD card.

      Despite the fact that this phone has an updated processor and software, with time, the performance may slow down or if your phone gets damaged, you might have to consider getting S10 lite spare parts. It is a rather feasible option to consider getting s10 lite phone parts from the market instead of buying a new phone.

      Samsung S10 Lite LCD

      • Just like the other flagship series, the S10 lite has an enormous display of 6.7 inches.
      • HDR+ certified display that ensures smooth colour resolution and graphics.
      • The brightness levels of the Galaxy S10 Lite LCD are as good as the Note 10+ display which means you get to enjoy all the impressive display perks at a relatively lower price.
      • Flat screen display which makes it much easier to get an s10 lite screen replacement in case of any harm.

      However, if you’re a fan of the cut-edge screen, you can still enjoy the edge screen functionality option in this phone. By including a variety of options for the s10 lite display, the company has ensured a fulfilling user experience.

      A sleek design that reflects modernity and class is guaranteed in every Samsung phone. The s10 lite back glass is basically a polycarbonate layer that resembles glass. The s10 lite glass back is designed in this way to further alleviate its entire look.

      S10 Lite Battery Life

      Another impressive feature of Samsung s10 Lite is its exceptional 4,500 mAh battery life. The long-lasting s10 lite battery along with its fast charger makes sure you can carry out all your chores without any interruption.

      Despite plugging it in at almost zero, your phone gets fully charged in 80 minutes- which is quite commendable considering the total s10 lite battery capacity.

      Although getting your battery replaced is highly unlikely but if need be, you can easily get it replaced as most of the Samsung s10 lite replacement parts are easily available in the wholesale markets.

      S10 Lite Front Camera and Back Camera

      Of course, no phone is complete without a great camera and s10 lite’s back camera, as well as the front, has amazing results.

      • Superior picture results with top of the class back and front camera of s10 lite.
      • Triple s10 lite back camera setup with 48 megapixels primary sensor along with a 123-degree ultra-wide sensor and a 5MP macro sensor ensures versatility in photo modes.

      Just like the other phones from the lite series, the Samsung S10 Lite is also a comparatively affordable version of its flagship model with just fewer advancements in terms of specs, features, and design.

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