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      Samsung A5 2017 (A515)

      Samsung A5 2017 A515 parts

      Get functionality and quality with Samsung phone parts wholesale

      We are aware of the popularity of the Samsung A5, and also the problems associated with it. In case of a part being damaged, the whole user-experience is compromised. However, we are proud to ensure that our customers don't have to face such issues and get all the Samsung A5 parts they need to ensure optimal functionality. Finding Samsung phone parts wholesale with the exact specifications isn't easy, but we are here to bridge the gap. We make sure that our customers get the Samsung A5 2017 parts they need with ease, convenience, and quality. Let's look at some of the most popular Samsung A5 parts we offer that people commonly need.

      Samsung A5 LCD screen
      Samsung A5 features a 5.2-inch display. The 1080p Super AMOLED screen offers vivid colors with impressive contrast. The Samsung A5 LCD screen is undoubtedly excellent for gaming and movies and is also water-resistant. However, any damage inflicted on it can significantly hamper user-experience.

      However, our collection of Samsung A5 parts ensures that our users don't have to compromise their visual experience. Like every other Samsung replacement parts we offer, this one too boasts of high-quality. It is highly responsive and has the exact specifications as the one initially part of the model. Users wouldn't feel a difference once their Samsung A5 LCD screen is replaced.

      Samsung Galaxy A5 battery
      The Samsung Galaxy A5 battery is quite powerful with a large capacity. The 3000mAh battery merely drains 50% after extensive use throughout the day.

      We have ensured that our collection of Samsung A5 parts takes note of this. We offer the same powerful battery with ample capacity to get you through the day with ease. This isn't all. If the problem isn't in the battery but the charging port, we have a solution for that as well. Our collection of wholesale cell phone parts includes the charging port as well. So in case of any issues with battery or charging, our Samsung Galaxy A5 parts can come to assist and ensure that your user-experience isn't affected.

      Samsung A5 backdoor
      The aesthetic appeal of the smartphone has a lot to do with its housing and backdoor. The Samsung A5 backdoor is made from glass, while the sides are constructed with aluminum with a color-matched finish. The gorilla glass 4 can incur damage if one isn't careful, although it is quite tough.

      However, we have made multiple options for backdoors a part of our Samsung A5 parts collection. We offer a range of colors, including gold, pink, light blue, and pink, like the original versions of the phone. So all is not lost if the Samsung A5 backdoor suffers damage as our Samsung A5 2017 parts will take care of it.

      Samsung A5 2017 parts: camera
      The Samsung A5 sports a 5-megapixel camera at the front, which is excellent for selfies. However, front cameras tend to get scratched easily. This is why we have made this camera a part of our collection for Samsung A5 parts. You can continue to click high-quality selfies even if the original camera is damaged.

      Galaxy A5 2017 A515 replacement parts: SIM trays, earpiece, buttons, and more
      We realize that there is a shortage of wholesale cell phone parts in the market. Finding essentials like buttons, SIM trays, and charging ports isn't a challenge. However, we have taken utmost measures to ensure that our customers don't have to face similar issues while looking for Samsung A5 parts.

      We have made every replaceable part of the model a part of our collection. The SIM tray on the Samsung A5 is featured on the side and has to be loosened by inserting the ejection pin into the hole. If something goes amiss during the process, it can be challenging to place the SIM card in. This is why we have ensured that we offer Samsung replacement parts with the exact specifications to take care of the problem. Furthermore, Samsung A5 offers a separate slot for memory cards, and we offer that as well.

      Similarly, the power buttons of the model can get damaged or fail to function optimally after a bit of use. Our range of Samsung Galaxy A5 parts will make sure that you don't have to face any issue in this regard and can replace the controls easily.

      Our core focus is on ensuring that there is no gap between the demand and supply for Samsung Galaxy A5 parts. We have strived to ensure that our collection of Samsung mobile spare parts continue to fulfill all our users' requirements and enable them to extract the best use from their smartphones. We have maintained high quality in these parts so you will get the same experience that you were accustomed to and wouldn't feel any difference even when the original parts are replaced. We provide you with the best to ensure that your user-experience is maintained without a difference!
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