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      Samsung M20

      Samsung M20 Parts

      -Samsung and the all-time famous M series

      Samsung is most definitely a top notch and supremely famous electronics company. The South Korean multinational electronics tycoon has produced some of the most formidable pieced of technology ever known to man. Samsung was founded in 1938 and has ever since displayed its ingenuity and innovation in the form of various admirable products and items that have attracted enormous amounts of attention. The company boasts a giant fanbase which is all owed to its extremely sought after and amazing pieces of technology that have brought ease and convenience into the lives of millions. One of the most genuine and beautiful creations by Samsung has been the acclaimed M series. The M series (M stands for millennial) is a pretty new and recent line of smartphones that has created quite the monumental waves in the industry of technology ever since its release. These smartphones definitely deserve some of the attention due to their more than handy features and specifications that are surely mandatory to have in one’s smartphones. The M series started off with the Samsung Galaxy M10 and the Samsung Galaxy M20 which were both released back in 2019 which is not that far in the past. Give the M series a chance and they will surely blow you away with their impressive characteristics.

      -All about the brilliant Samsung M20 and the Samsung M20 parts

      The M series is a line of smartphones that differ mostly in terms of their sizes and their specific designs, other than that they mostly seem to possess similar features that are pretty cool and highly innovative. Suggested by the M for millennials in the series’ name, these devices are made especially to cater to the specific and techno-savvy needs of the millennials which says a lot about the intuitive nature of this line. One of its top contenders is the Samsung Galaxy M20 which was released close to the Samsung Galaxy M10. The M20 is most certainly a vital member of the M series family and has some commendable Samsung M20 parts and features. The device feels mostly generic with a splash of intuition with the waterdrop style infinity V notch that rests on the top of the screen housing the front camera. Compared to its predecessor the M10, the Samsung Galaxy M20 has pretty much the same design except for a taller screen and a smaller bottom chin. The Samsung M20 camera is dual setup on the back of the M20 with a 13MP primary sensor and a 5MP secondary sensor. The front camera houses a whopping 8MP sensor which is pretty typical of Samsung. Overall the budget smartphone is good to fit the basic needs of almost anyone and everyone and seems to tick all the essential boxes you’d expect to get from a phone in that price range. Even the system user interface on the device seems to be pretty impressive and easy to use.

      -Samsung M20 replacement parts at Parts4Cells

      How many times have we experienced situations where our precious smartphone slips from our grip and we hold our breaths and wait for the damage to be revealed; whether it got damaged or broken or what not? This happens because us humans can’t help but be our careless selves, no matter how expensive our device and no matter how much we love it, we are bound to show our true nature at some point and cause harm to our smart devices one way or the other. Considering we spend so much money and energy to invest in our smartphones this seems like a frustrating situation and one that badly needs a backup plan. This is why it is highly imperative to have a trusty outlet that one can rely upon to provide you with replacement parts whenever such irritating instances fall upon you. It is very easy to damage your precious phone parts. No matter how expensive your phone is, it will never be invincible to traumatic mechanical injuries due to a fall or any such accidents. This is where we come in. Parts4Cells provides its customers with a variety of replacement parts for different devices including the Samsung M20 parts. Whether you want a Samsung M20 battery replacement, a Samsung M20 camera replacement or even a new Samsung M20 screen protector to protect your screen from scratches and injuries effectively in the future, we have it all and so much more for you to choose from. We even have the rarest and smallest of parts that you might require such as the Samsung M20 sim tray, the Samsung M20 front glass replacement and even the Samsung M20 charging port. Our replacement parts possess the highest standards and are of the most supreme quality that you could ever find. Not only this but our replacement parts come with amazing warranty deals and that too at astonishing prices. These items would be more than fit to replace any and all damaged parts of your beloved Samsung Galaxy M20 in no time. We provide an unparalleled customer service which is just the cherry on top and makes us all the more perfect for you.

      -The Samsung M20 battery replacement at Parts4Cells

      The Samsung Galaxy M20 boasts an enormous and superbly impressive 5000mAh battery. On experimenting it was observed that you get over 12 hours of busy battery life on a full charge in a day which is a lot. Other than that, the M20 battery supports fast charging via type C USB and comes equipped with a 15W fast charger. All of this indicates that the battery is probably the shining star among the Samsung M20 parts and is one of its most commendable features. We all know very well that the battery is one of the most important and integral parts of a device and is a part that allows for proper functioning of your device too. A healthy battery life is one of the keys to a healthy and properly functioning device. Now the unfortunate fact of the matter is that initially, the battery on any device will work great and will give off amazing functioning but with time due to the wear and tear of frequent usage and improper charging habits, your battery might lose its initial spark and wont function like it used to. Other than that, even in a traumatic accident, the battery on your device might suffer an injury and become faulty. We at Parts4Cells have the perfect solution for this problem. Among our various replacement parts, we also provide the Samsung M20 battery replacement for our customers. The “Samsung M20 Battery” is a brand new high quality item that comes with an amazing warranty offer as well. What more could one want?

      -The Samsung M20 camera replacement here

      We already know that the M20 houses a dual camera setup on the back with a 13MP primary sensor as well as a 5MP secondary sensor as well as an adequate 8MP front camera. We also know how important it is to millions of individuals to have a properly functioning camera on your device. In this modern day and age when you rule your social media with your impressive pictures and photography skills as well as your to die for selfies, it is absolutely imperative for the camera on your device to give supreme functioning at all times. Now the camera is positioned on the exterior of your device and quite on the surface which makes it extremely susceptible to damage and trauma in case of a fall or any such injury. If you ever come face to face with such a situation there is absolutely no need to fret. This is because we provide camera replacements for various devices including the Samsung M20 camera replacement. Whether you want the back camera replaced or even the front camera on your Samsung M20, we have got it all. Our camera replacements for the M20 come at great prices and with great warranty deals as well. These brand new high quality parts are everything you could ask for.

      -Other Samsung M20 parts for replacement at Parts4Cells

      The Samsung Galaxy M20 is a perfect low budget device that fits the basic needs of most individuals. We have got a stunning variety among our replacement parts including a varying array of our M20 replacement parts as well. Some of the replacement parts for the M20 are mentioned below. We have got the Samsung M20 battery replacement, the M20 camera replacement, the Samsung M20 screen protector replacement, the Samsung M20 sim tray replacement in case you damage your sim tray, the Samsung M20 front glass replacement, the M20 charging port replacement, the Samsung M20 speaker replacement, the M20 back door replacement in various colors such as Ocean Blue and Black, the Samsung Galaxy M20 sim card reader replacement, the Samsung M20 LCD replacement with Touch in various colors, the Samsung M20 Tempered Glass replacement in a Pack of 10 Bulk Super Glass pack and so much more as well. So, if you have damaged your precious Samsung Galaxy M20 and are in desperate need for a replacement of any of its parts. This is the perfect place to be.
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