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      Samsung M40

      Samsung M40

      -All about the Samsung Galaxy M40

      A device that truly allows for a smooth and user friendly usage in your day to day activities. A much speculated upon phone in terms of being really worth its economical cost as it comes with the features and specifications to prove its worth. A 2Ghz octa-core Snapdragon 675 processor along with an adequate 6GB worth of RAM as well as 128GB storage, its RAM gives it the useful ability to process your functions in a smooth manner. An upgrade on the Samsung M40 parts exists for sure as compared to the M30 the Samsung M40 camera is much better with more useful features as well as a beautiful and vibrant LCD display on the M40 that is much better than the M30 super AMOLED display. Embodies inside a polycarbonate structure with gradient shades of blue as well as a rainbow reflection in the center on the Samsung logo just adds to the class and beauty of the device. These are just some of the various specifications that make it a device definitely worth a place in the limelight when it comes to affordable and extremely useful smartphones.

      -Samsung M40 parts for replacement at Parts4Cells

      A well balanced device such as the Samsung Galaxy M40 has gotten a lot of attention over the years following its release. A commendable power capacity, colorful display that attracts the eyes as well as a triple camera that is jam packed with ingenious features is what is encompassed in this extremely economical phone. Its infinity-O display is breaking a lot of barriers in the industry of innovative technology which allows the placement of a front camera on the screen without the presence of any notch whatsoever. It is available in two beautiful colors; Midnight Blue and Seawater Blue. Now naturally a device that is so easy on your budget and comes with such useful features is definitely something many people would want to get their hands on and as soon as that happens, they will utilize the device to its full potential in order to add ease and convenience into their daily routines. An innovative piece of technology like the M40 is bound to be in a lot of use by us careless humans. In this modern day and age of technological advancements we all rely on our smartphones and devices to provide some much-needed organizational structure to our routines and ease our lives by making communications so much easier to access. This results in a vigorous and extensive usage of our respective devices which may lead to various clumsy incidents resulting in a traumatic injury to our beloved smart devices. We have all experiences situations in which due to some clumsy mishap or some horrific accident we have subjected our precious devices to some major trauma, be it a fall or a throw. If such an instance occurs and any of our precious and supremely valuable Samsung M40 parts experience any breakage, this becomes an ordeal of immense stress and frustration as such incidents lead to great hindrances in the normal usage of our phones which is unacceptable. Whether its your Samsung M40 camera, your Samsung M40 screen, your Samsung Galaxy M40 battery or even a part as small as your Samsung M40 sim tray; none of the parts of your device are invincible and will at some point in time experience trauma or mishaps. In such times one looks here and there frantically in search of trusty and reliable outlets from which they can access some great quality replacement parts and this is where we come in. Parts4Cells has got an amazing variety of replacement parts for various devices including your innovative Samsung Galaxy M40. Whether it’s a Samsung M40 screen replacement you’re looking for or even a new Samsung M40 charging port you wish to acquire, we have got it all and so much more ready to be sent to you at your command. We will not only provide you with some of the greatest replacement parts you could get but that too at extremely economical prices and with amazing warranty deals that, lets admit, we all could use a lot in terms of this. So if you have caused damage to any of your M40 parts rendering it incapable of performing its functions properly, no need to fret as we have got you covered. Some of the M40 parts available here are described below.

      -The Samsung M40 Camera replacement at Parts4Cells

      The M40 features a pretty impressive triple-camera on its back which is definitely an upgraded version compared to its predecessors. The triple cameras feature a 32MP sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide camera as well as a 5MP sensor which allows for amazing photography with a wide 123-degree angle view. The front punch hole camera houses a 16MP sensor. Other commendable features include 4K videos, hyper lapse, live focus, slow motion and even portrait mode. These specifications of the camera on the device definitely add to its worth and useful capabilities. The front and back locations of the cameras make them extremely vulnerable to trauma in cases of falls or other mishaps. If an instance like this was to occur it would definitely be the cause of an immense amount of despair for you as it would disrupt the proper utilization of such amazing features as the camera on the Samsung Galaxy M40 embodies. As mentioned before, among our various Samsung M40 parts for replacement we have also got replacements for the camera. There’s the reliable “Samsung M40 front camera” option that is a brand new high quality item equipped with a whopping lifetime warranty deal as well as the “Samsung M40 back camera” option which is also a brand new high quality item that comes with lifetime warranty. These replacement parts are available at the best possible prices and will prove to be a more than perfect replacement for the faulty camera on your M40 as they are extremely reliable in terms of quality.

      -Samsung M40 screen replacement at Parts4Cells

      With a large 6.3-inch LCD display with a polycarbonate body that is prone to scratches and can get damaged easily by a fall, it is always best to be cautious and use a front and back screen protector. The M40 screen is one of the most appreciated among the Samsung M40 parts as it is the feature that brings the vibrancy into the entire phone. The TFT LCD with full HD+ resolution makes for some supremely beautiful visuals. Since the screen is the part of your device that not only binds together its entire aesthetic and beauty but also allows for proper access and functioning of your device, it is imperative to have a properly functioning screen. Unfortunately, the positioning of the screen is such that it takes up most of the surface area of the device rendering it the most vulnerable to traumatic injuries. Among our various reliable replacement parts, we have got the M40 screen replacement as well that is ready to be shipped to your doorstep and with a few simple and easy steps you can replace that faulty screen of yours and gain back full access to your trusty device in no time. The “Samsung M40 LCD with Touch Black” is a more than suitable option for such instances, this is a brand new high quality item with lifetime warranty. Here you can also find the Samsung M40 tempered glass replacement pack that is a bulk pack of 10 item which is also equipped with lifetime warranty.

      -The Samsung Galaxy M40 battery replacement options

      Coming to one of the most vital features of a device that allows it to function to its full potential, the battery. The M40 houses a compelling 3500mAh battery that supports fast charging as well which is a commendable quality. It has been proven to go through an entire day and a half with uninterrupted battery life upon full charging and if you were to use a fast charging adapter you can acquire a full battery percentage from 0% to a 100% in a mere 90 minutes which is astonishing. A healthy battery is the key to a good functioning phone but however over time your battery starts to lose its original spark and may wear out. No need to worry as we have got amazing an amazing and more than adequate battery replacement option for your M40 that comes equipped with warranty and will fix that faulty battery dilemma of yours in no time and will have your phone up and running as if you had just bought it in mint condition. If its your charging port that has malfunctioned and does not allow you to charge your phone properly, Parts4Cells has got commendable replacement options for your Samsung M40 charging port.

      -The variety in our Samsung M40 parts

      We have got a stunning variety when it comes to the replacement parts of your Samsung Galaxy M40. Not only this but this varying array of great quality and sturdy parts comes at the best prices and the most amazing warranty deals. Some of them are the Samsung M40 camera, Samsung M40 screen replacement, Samsung Galaxy M40 battery, Samsung M40 sim tray. Samsung M40 tempered glass, charging port options, volume flex, power flex, back door replacements in various colors, speaker replacements and much more as well. The unique nature of our replacement parts is that they are extremely robust and reliable with warranties.

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