What is iTruColor?

As people use their phones wear and tear starts to kick in and they start to encounter issues like touch latency, fading colors and with accidental damage cracked screens. What's worse is after you replace the display, often times the replacement LCD is more fragile than the original, or the color and brightness are nowhere near the True Original Spec. So much is lost in quality when it comes to replacing your display, isn't there a better solution?

Nowadays most of the after-market screens are mixed together. Many distributors acquire users by offering them low prices, people are tired of the low-end screens currently available on the market. Meanwhile, there is not one distributor that truly has a high-quality aftermarket screen standard available that sells in bulk and isn't mixed.

Parts4Cells has been studying the after-market screen industry for the past 6 years since they've been in business, witnessing the development of the mobile device industry. Smartphones have become an indispensable tool in our life different from products of the past. With that said, the majority of non-educated consumers that need LCD replacements for their mobile devices are receiving low-end quality replacement LCDs rather than a High-Quality Spec’d LCD replacement.

As iTruColor is a high-end after-market screen, it is designed especially for those repair shops who pursue a high-end experience. iTruColor perfectly shows TrueColor display technology with more realistic and vivid images on your mobile device display by alleviating eye fatigue and conserving more energy while being extremely durable. iTruColor gives the user a better experience comparable with Original Equipment of the Manufacturer.

iTruColor LCD, Restore the TrueColor!

Experience the Brilliance


High Color Saturation

NTSC Color gamut test reaches to 84%, higher than OEM.
What does it mean?
It means you can see TrueColor of life with our screen. The best & true tone compare with all the current aftermarket screens.


No Touch Latency

Have you ever met this issue? The touch is so far behind that if you type fast it can miss some keys. If yes, you may need to test iTruColor screen samples.


Oleophobic Coating

As we all know, most of the aftermarket screens are without oleophobic coating. It provides a certain amount of finger smudge resistance to your smartphone's display. This is not a new concept. We just bring it back to iTruColor LCD. And our oleophobic coating is able to last a smartphone's typical 2-year (3000 times) life cycle, same as OEM device.

7 key iTruColor Benefits

  • High Color Saturation
  • OEM  3D Touch Function
  • Oleophobic Coating
  • Perfect Frame For Flush Fitting
  • OEM Touch ID Function
  • No Touch Latency
  • Uniform Backlight, Brightness close to OEM

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