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      iPhone 6 Plus

      iPhone 6 Plus Parts

      The Apple iPhone 6 Plus and all about it

      The iPhone 6 Plus is in regards of material is a better phone than the iPhone 6. It has a much bigger screen with a sharper display along with a much better camera with new burst mode capabilities as well. It also has an immensely better iPhone 6 plus battery life than the iPhone 6. It is substantially the better phone between the two phones the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which came out at about the same time. It’s most notable difference is obviously its bigger size which is perfect if you wish to watch many videos and movies on your phone. The iPhone 6 plus along with the Apple iPhone 6 came out in 3 colours that are Gold, silver and Space Gray when they were released, they also had capacities of 16, 64 as well as 128 GBs. This elegant smartphone was one of those releases by Apple that took the technology industry by a storm. The Apple company made significant improvements by coming up with a faster processor, upgraded the camera, an improves Wi-Fi connectivity and also a noticeably larger display with the iPhone 6 plus. So all in all it is well established that the release of the iPhone 6 plus was no small deal at the time and was met with great astonishment. The smartphone industry was moved by the release of Apple iPhone 6 plus. It can definitely be said that the iPhone 6 plus was a great phone of its time. It allured many customers due to its new and improved specifications that stunned many.

      iPhone 6 plus parts at Parts4cells

      If you have an iPhone 6 plus you would know that the phone needs maintenance to keep the iPhone 6 plus parts as good as new. It is a fragile phone and damage might occur to any of its parts. We all know very well that a smartphone in this time and age is a device that is almost always in constant use. Such heavy usage makes it susceptible to damage and breakage. In instances like these one looks for iPhone 6 plus parts that have been broken by misuse or mishandle to be replaced because you need to use your phone at all times for so many purposes you can’t stand for it to be broken or out of order for much long. No need to fret as we have exactly what you’re looking for here. There is a versatile array of iPhone 6 plus replacement parts including the iPhone 6 plus battery on our website to choose from and we guarantee we will have anything and everything that you might need to transform your Apple iPhone 6 plus back to its mint condition.

      The spot on amazing thing about us is not just that we have some of the best quality parts available but it is that we give exclusive warranty deals with them which is much needed by smartphone users. We have great customer service so you won’t be disappointed. Here is a guide to some of our most popular parts.

      The iPhone 6 plus camera

      The new and exquisite camera features are one of the reasons that the Apple iPhone 6 was a super hit at its time and obviously with great power comes great responsibility and the iPhone 6 plus camera with such features is bound to be used a lot. In cases like these you might break your camera lens in a hasty fall of your iPhone 6 plus and would need it to be replaced. This is the place for you then as we have a wide range of iPhone 6 plus parts that also include the camera replacement. Parts4Cells sells high quality cameras for the iPhone 6 plus. Our iPhone 6 plus back camera is a high quality camera which comes with a lifetime warranty. We have an iPhone 6 plus front camera as well. The best camera replacement available on our website is our OEM front camera. This camera has a lifetime warranty. We also have a back camera lens for the Apple iPhone 6 plus which comes with and without the extra feature that is the ring. We also have back camera lens for the iPhone 6 plus with rings in three different colors, black, gold and silver. If you are to get the lens with the ring it would cost you a bit more than without the ring but this equipment is definitely worth your attention and money. Along with the superb quality of our iPhone 6 plus camera lens we also offer a life time warranty which is something nobody wants to miss out on when it comes to iPhone 6 plus parts.

      The iPhone 6 plus battery

      We have a wide variety of battery parts that are of great quality and much needed. We have the iPhone 6 plus battery of the best quality in 0 cycle service pack in Apple service pack which is pretty perfect since the battery is one of those iPhone 6 plus parts that is the most vital for its functioning. Since our smartphones are used so much the battery is bound to malfunction or start giving problems at some point and here is where we come in. This battery of ours comes with a three months’ warranty. It is the best quality of iPhone 6 plus battery for your Apple iPhone 6 plus on our website. We have another iPhone 6 plus OEM high quality battery which comes with a three months warranty. Another battery available on our website is the battery that is super high copy. This one is a high quality copy of the original iPhone 6 plus battery. This also comes with a three months warranty. Apart from this we also have a battery tape for your iPhone 6 plus that can be used to fix your battery in your phone.

      The iPhone 6 plus screen

      For those of you who have in their possession the iPhone 6 plus you would know very well that the screen is a very valuable yet very prone to breakage part of the phone. It can be an incredibly frustrating and tiring situation if your screen cracks or break as it ruins the beautiful display of your phone and hence your phone loses its aesthetic as well. One of our many iPhone 6 plus parts for replacement is our iPhone 6 plus screen LCD. This is the most important part of you iPhone 6 plus and we have some great sturdy quality screen LCDs for you to repair your damaged screen with. We have a versatile variety of LCDs to choose from with different price ranges. We have two LCDs developed by iTruColor. These LCDs come with a touch and a back plate in two colors, black and white. These iPhone 6 plus LCDs are PLS (supports polarized sunglass) and they include a camera lens and an ear mesh proximity sensor. They come with a lifetime warranty as well. We also have two LCDs developed by AUO. They are the iPhone 6 plus LCD with touch black premium after market and iPhone 6 plus LCD touch white premium after market. These are a little less in terms of quality than the OEM LCDs. They support polarized sunglass and come with a camera lens as well as an ear mesh proximity sensor is also included. All of this with a lifetime warranty. There are two more LCDs developed by AUO. These are the iPhone 6 plus screen LCD with touch black standard after market and iPhone 6 plus LCD with touch white standard after market. They have the same features as the previous screens mentioned above. We also have two more iPhone 6 plus LCDs developed by AUO. These screens come with a touch feature and are fully assembled, also they come in two color options, black and white. Our best quality screen is the iPhone 6 plus LCD with touch OEM and it comes in two colors, black and white. This highest quality screen comes with a lifetime warranty which is much requires with iPhone 6 plus parts.

      iPhone 6 plus sim card reader

      Parts4Cells has a high quality sim card reader for your iPhone 6 plus. Our iPhone 6 plus sim card reader reads your phone sim card and is used to establish a connection between your sim and your phone. Apart from this, we also have a range of sim card trays in three different colors; gray, gold, and silver. These sim card trays secure your sim card and keep them from any and all damage. These can be some very valuable pieces of equipment to have as they are very beneficial and will prevent any interruptions with your iPhone 6 plus sim card connection.

      iPhone 6 plus home button replacement

      Home buttons are a pretty significant kind of iPhone 6 plus parts. These can get ruined or damaged pretty easily as they are used literally every time you attempt to use your Apple iPhone 6 plus. It can be a very annoying situation if your home button malfunctions as it will create problems for you to even access your home page. Here we have some very good quality home buttons for you to replace your damaged home button with. We have the iPhone 6 plus home button in three different colors that are the home flex black, home flex gold and the home flex white.

      iPhone 6 plus speaker

      Music is something that is a pretty substantial part of many peoples’ lives due to its popularity. To listen to music and actually get good audios you need good quality speakers and earphones. Here we have some pretty good speakers for you to choose from for your iPhone 6 plus or even other phones. For instance, if you drop your phone in water or get it wet, the speaker is the first thing that might get damaged and that might even create hurdles when you try to conversate with somebody on the phone. This can be a tricky and difficult situation but we can fix this problem in no time because of our high quality iPhone 6 plus speaker which comes with a lifetime warranty.

      Other Apple iPhone 6 plus replacement parts here

      You’re wrong if you think the above mentioned parts are the only parts available at Parts4Cells because as is established we have a versatile variety of replacement parts to fix even the biggest or smallest of problems with your iPhone 6 plus. We have every iPhone 6 plus part that you could look for at very reasonable prices including screws for your iPhone 6 plus, charging ports, battery tape, iPhone 6 plus battery, iPhone 6 plus screen, iPhone 6 plus sim card reader, iPhone 6 plus camera lens, iPhone 6 plus home buttons, iPhone 6 plus speaker, loud speakers, volume flex, Wi-Fi flex and much more. Our prices are economical and our customer service is impeccable as our iPhone 6 plus parts come with great warranty deals which is the main attraction.

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