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      Samsung S10 Plus

      Samsung S10 Plus


      Samsung is a South Korean multi-national  company which was founded in 1938 as a trading company.  Samsung entered the electronics industry in the late 1960s and since 1990s it has globalized its electronics line such that electronics has become it’s most important and primary source of income. Since 2017, it has had the 6th highest global brand value. Although the Samsung group has dabbled into a number of fields over the years from textiles to insurance and security, it’s primarily known everywhere for its smartphones. It’s the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and one of its most popular products is the Samsung Galaxy S series of high-end technology smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Tab series of tablets, Samsung galaxy note series of tablets and phablets and smartwatches including the earlier Samsung Galaxy Gear and the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch. Samsung Galaxy uses the android operating system by Google but in 2016, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet S Pro was the first Samsung Galaxy-branded Windows 10 device.


      The Samsung Galaxy S series is a line of high-end smartphones. These phones, along with the Samsung Note phones, are the company’s star products. The first phone of this revolutionary series, Samsung Galaxy S was released in June 2010 and was the fastest and thinnest smartphone at the time. Since it’s release,  the Samsung Galaxy S series has gone on to sell millions of units across the world.

      Over the years the Samsung Galaxy S phones have been highly successful in the industry so much so that nearly everyone who owns a Samsung device has one of the Samsung Galaxy S series models which comes as no surprise since these phones are fast working with amazing camera resolution, a battery that lasts for a considerable amount of time compared to other phones in the industry, inbuilt memory and a space for an SD card in case you require even more. In addition to that, they are also priced very reasonably compared to the iPhone making them more accessible for the everyday man. They don’t just crash and slow down every time a newer model comes making them last at least a few years without any major kind of problems provided you take care of them. The Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones has only gotten better with time as evident by the newer, advanced models that are coming out; the camera quality, battery life, design and storage capacity of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is considerably more compared to the earliest model i.e Samsung Galaxy S1.

      SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 plus

      After about ten years of pioneering mobile firsts, Samsung has come out with one of its most innovative products till date; the Samsung S10 plus. It’s the first mobile phone to be introduced with the next generation ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built into it’s Infinity-O display, ultra-wide 123 degrees camera field, amazing picture quality at night owing to its night mode, wireless PowerShare feature, the longest battery life of 12.5 hours compared to any other smartphones on the market and an amazingly sleek design that comes in a number of chic colors. This phone not only stands out, but it also stands apart as well. The dynamic  AMOLED screen reduces the blue light emission from the screen which is extremely harmful for one’s eyes and is responsible for a majority of the younger population being visually challenged and it does so without compromising on the colors and visuals thus preventing eye strain at night.

      Smartphones don’t come cheap and when you invest so much into something, you usually want it to last a while. We’ve all been in a position where a clumsy move or a misplaced hand has resulted in our very expensive and precious phone falling down and we’ve all held our breaths to see if the fall has broken our screens or if the phone miraculously survived. Accidents happen. We’re only human at the end of the day and that’s why it’s imperative that you use a screen protector to save yourself from the cost and burden of going through the ordeal of screen replacement. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has a 6.4” display, which if dropped, is prone to breaking. It can, however, be tricky to find the right S10+ screen protector. The main reason being that the Ultrasonic fingerprint may not work on some of the protectors. You need to buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus screen protector that prevents such error from happening because it’s not only inconvenient but also compromises the security and retrieval of your precious data. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor works by emitting high-frequency ultrasound waves which we can't hear, and uses them to map out our fingerprints so there is no need to swipe. It is therefore important that you buy an S10+ screen protector that not only protects your phone but also doesn’t interfere with its functioning and part4cells makes sure to bring you the very best Samsung Galaxy S10 plus screen protectors. Our Samsung Galaxy S10 plus screen protector also protects your phone from any scratches that tend to bring down the resale value of your phone thus helping you get the best out of your investment.

      When it comes to the latest smartphones, the one thing people always want to know is what the front camera is like. In the world of Instagram and snap chat, the front camera is one of the main things people focus on to make sure they get the best selfie’s even if they don’t look Instagram ready. The Samsung Galaxy S10 plus fulfills all those expectations and more. It comes with the latest dual-lens set up in its front camera. The S10 plus is fitted with a primary 10Mp sensor and a secondary 8Mp sensory that assesses depth to created a simulated bokeh effect giving you the best possible selfies than any other product on the market. The dual Samsung Galaxy S10 plus camera allows you to take wider images, as if you’re not looking at a picture, but rather from your own eyes. The quality of the camera and the pictures taken from it is so high end that it wouldn’t be a stretch for an amateur to hone his photography skills on this phone. However, if for some reason your front camera stops working, it can be a real bummer but worry not! In addition to all the other Samsung Galaxy S10 plus parts, we also stock the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus camera that any mobile enthusiast can even replace at home and all this at the best possible prices in the market. All of our Samsung Galaxy S10 plus parts are built to factory specifications and will be compatible with your smartphone effortlessly. It’s never been easier to replace a damaged or malfunctioning camera, restore it to its previous glory and have the same functionality as the original phone without any compromise on its vibrant and vivid colors.

      One of the most prominent and celebrated features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is its battery life. The S10 plus battery power literally has no competition on the market, not even the iPhone XS Max. The S10 Plus comes with a battery of a whopping 4100 mAh and according to a test, it performed fantastically for 12 hours and 35 minutes while internet surfing. However, all batteries tend to wear out with time. If you’ve started noticing that your phone has started to lose it’s battery faster and requires an increased frequency of charging throughout the day, it might be time for your Samsung Galaxy S10 battery replacement. We at parts4cells.com bring you the highest quality Samsung S10 plus parts including the S10 plus battery so your phone can feel whole and new again.

      A broken screen is one of the most common problems that smartphone users face these days. The sleek design of the phones also means that they’re very prone to damage should any physical stress be applied and you end up losing most of the functionality of the phone without its touch function. It’s therefore highly important to take the necessary precautions to make sure that that doesn’t happen. Tempered glass protectors are the go-to screen protectors with its soft surface and airtight protection that doesn’t allow scratches or breakage of your screen. Tempered or toughened glass is a special type of safety glass that has been toughened up with chemical and thermal processes making it a lot more sturdy than normal glass and enabling it to shatter into small granular pieces instead of big chunks in case of any stress on the screen. The S10 plus tempered glass screen protector is a must-have accessory for your phone because it provides the protection that an expensive phone like that it desperately needs and safeguards your investment better than any other product available on the market. We at parts4cells make it our top priority to stock all the Samsung S10 plus parts including a tempered glass screen protector so we can meet all your needs and allow you to have the best possible experience with your phone. Our Samsung S10 plus parts are unmatched in their quality and pricing!

      Even with all this protection, you’ve somehow managed to damage your phone, then. Samsung Galaxy S10 plus parts are very easily available on the market these days and a broken screen doesn’t mean the end of your journey with your phone. With the wide range of Samsung Galaxy S10 plus LCD display units available at our website, Galaxy S10 plus screen replacement has never been easier or more convenient.

      If you’re looking for Samsung S10 plus parts, whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus screen protector, the galaxy S10 plus camera, S10 plus battery, S10 plus tempered glass or just a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus screen replacement, Parts4cells is the right place for you! We bring you all the Samsung S10 plus parts at amazing prices. We also put a lot of importance into the authenticity of our Samsung Galaxy S10 plus parts because your phone deserves nothing but the best.

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